Community Comes Together To Find Lost Toddler And Her Pet Dog In The Wisconsin Woods

This sweet toddler has a lot to smile about: after 24 hours lost in the Wisconsin woods near her home, she’s been found safe and sound with her trusty dog Peanut—thanks to one big community effort to find her.

Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department reported that little Abigail Ladwig went missing in the Winter, Wisconsin area at 6:45 p.m. on Sunday evening, August 9. She was known to be with her pet cocker spaniel.

Before long, hundreds of local residents, led by the Department of Natural Resources, went out looking for a brown dog and a little girl known to be barefoot with a flowery shirt on. Others brought food, water, and supplies to help those out searching.

Just over a day later, at 7:20 p.m. the three-year old was found, having wandered through the woods into a nearby yard a little ways from her home.

Abigail had ”minor scratches, insect bites and dehydration during her 24 hours of being lost in the woods,” and was sent to a local hospital for a check-up before being released.

Pat Sanchez, a coordinator of Sawyer County Search and Rescue, said, ”Thank you to all responders, volunteers who came out to search for Abby and the donations of food and water. It’s amazing how in times of need, we all come together for such an amazing outcome.”